Maya Mia



Le Gouvernement Princier décide jusqu’au 27 janvier prochain, un certain nombre de nouvelles mesures pour les restaurants :


Accès :


Horaires :


Mesures sanitaires et distanciation :


​Les mesures supplémentaires que nous avons mises en place


En application de la décision gouvernementale édictée le 30/12/2020, il a été instauré une mesure de restriction de l’accès aux restaurants en Principauté, en complément aux dispositions sanitaires et gestes barrières.




The Government of Monaco has decided on a number of new measures for restaurants until 27th January:

Entrance to the Restaurants:

Opening times:

Sanitary measures and distancing:

In accordance with the terms of these new measures, and as specified when making a reservation, we are asked to check, before allowing access to the Restaurant, that each of our customers has, when entering the Restaurant, one of the following items:


Aware of the inconveniences caused, the establishments of the JV PASTOR Collection naturally apply strict compliance with the provisions in force, as this is the only way to maintain our activity in the Principality. We thank you for the kindness with which you will receive this new request.